Helping You Claim R&D Tax Credits

Are you missing out on R&D Tax Credits because you’re unsure what to claim or how to do it? We make it easy, managing the process all the way to a successful credit in your bank

  • We manage the process and all contact with HMRC
  • Average Credit: £ 61,000 (SME), £ 281,000 (Large Company)*
  • No initial outlay. You only pay after you’ve received your credit

Is your firm eligible for R&D Tax Relief?

R&D Tax Credits are a Government incentive open to any UK limited company spending money on R&D, development, solving technical challenges or innovating. Whether you’re a tech start-up or an established engineering giant, that could be you.

How difficult is it to claim?

There are complex rules, but that’s where we come in. As specialists in R&D Tax Credits, we’ll help you define the scope and potential value of your claim.

  • SME or Large Company affects how much you can claim
  • Whether you are loss-making or profitable defines available credit
  • Our average SME claim is £61,000*
  • Our average Large Company claim is £281,000*

What’s typically involved?

We run a rigorous, proven process. from feasibility study, through to submission to HMRC, and any Claim Defence that might be required. You could be banking your R&D Tax Credit within 28 days. You only pay us once you get the funds

Our Clients

How much could you claim?

For a confidential discussion about how much R&D Tax Relief you might be due, book a free telephone/Zoom consultation, or get in touch today.

What Our Customers Say

Neil Doyle
Bedford Consulting

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Goldhill Consulting. The team handled our R&D claim from start to finish and made the process as easy and efficient as possible. Receiving relief on the cost of our innovation has had a positive impact on our business. I would highly recommend their services.”

Stephen Minall
Moving Food

“Goldhill Consulting has been instrumental in getting us a healthy return from HMRC re R&D Tax Credits. Their dedication, professionalism and understanding of the sector is second to none. I’d highly recommend their services.”

Jason Martin

“The financial benefit of R&D Tax Relief has made a significant difference to our business.   Goldhill Consulting’s technical and tax expertise made the claims process a pleasure and provided us with certainty that our claim was completed accurately.”

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