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A software development company specialising in creating bespoke software solutions for clients across various industries approached Goldhill Consulting as part of a tender process involving other R&D tax consultancies.

They were unsure if they were eligible for R&D tax relief and how to identify their qualifying R&D activities. They had been investing heavily in R&D activities for several years but had not claimed any R&D tax relief previously.

Goldhill Consulting looked at this with our team of experts and carried out a granular assessment of the client’s past projects to allow them to identify their eligible projects.

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software r&d tax credits

How We Helped

With a team of industry R&D tax specialists, we conducted a detailed assessment of the company’s R&D activities to determine their eligibility for R&D tax relief. We identified several qualifying R&D activities, including:

  • Developing a new software platform to help clients manage their supply chain processes more efficiently.
  • Creating a new algorithm to optimise the company’s existing software solutions, resulting in faster processing times and improved performance.
  • A new feature that uses machine learning to automate customer service inquiries, resulting in significant time and cost savings for clients.
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Client Satisfaction

After we identified the qualifying R&D activities, we worked with our client to gather all relevant financial documentation.

Once the process was finished, our client was fully satisfied and understood our to approach R&D tax credits in the future, thanks to Goldhill Consulting’s expertise.

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